JMV 's Amazing Hair Transplant Results After Only 5 Months

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JMV 's Amazing Results After Only 5 Months
Almost six months ago, popular Indiana radio show host JMV started his hair restoration journey with PAI Medical Group Indiana. He decided it was time to restore his thinning hair and get rid of his bald spot for good. JMV met with PAI Medical Group Indiana and chose the exclusive hair transplant procedure, Multi Unit Hair Grafting™ .Now, after only five and a half months, JMV is back to show everyone his new hair growth.

At first glance it is clear that JMV has had amazing results after his hair transplant procedure. You can watch his video update above. In the video, Clinic Director, Daren Andrews explains that JMV has experienced around 55 to 60 percent hair growth since his procedure. Hair goes through growth cycles so results are gradual as new hairs grow at different rates. Patients generally will see full results about one year post-procedure. So believe it or not, JMV will see even better hair growth within the next seven months.

JMV is amazed by his fast results. Being a radio show host for several years now, JMV has become a well-known public figure in Indiana. Since JMV often joked about his growing bald spot on his radio show, he noticed a couple fans posting pictures of it on the web.  While it was all in good fun, JMV realized that he did not enjoy all the attention being drawn to his thinning hair. Since his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure, JMV says everyone comments on his incredible results, especially the fans of his radio show. JMV’s advice for those suffering from hair loss is, "You don’t have to be bald -  if you want hair, PAI is the way to go."

Also in the video, viewers are given a closer look at JMV’s results to see if they can spot his suture line. One of the great advantages about Multi-Unit Hair Grafting is it maximizes hair per volume. The closure line from JMV’s procedure is also virtually undetectable, even up close. In order to achieve such an invisible suture line, JMV also received PRP along with his hair transplants procedure. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which uses growth factors, drawn from your own blood, to speed the healing process and create the perfect growing environment for your hair.

If you’re tired of your thinning hair and bald spots, PAI Medical Group in Indianapolis may be able to help. PAI Medical Group Indiana offers the latest cutting-edge technology in hair restoration processes for men and women, such as the ARTAS® Robotic FUE Transplant, to create lasting and natural-looking results for our patients. PAI Medical Group specializes in corrective transplants as well for those who have had a less-than-satisfactory hair transplants at other hair clinics. Non-surgical hair loss solutions like low level laser hair therapy are also available for those who don’t want traditional hair-restoration options or surgery. Our highly trained hair technicians will work directly with you, from your first consultation to months after your treatment, to find the best hair restoration solution and give you the results you want. Call 317-522-2989 now to schedule your FREE hair and scalp consultation! Visit our website at for more information!

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PAI Medical Group has offered the “Gold Standard” in permanent and natural hair restoration and hair transplants for over 30 years.  Only at PAI Medical Group of Indiana will you find our trademarked procedure Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ and the newest technology in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), The ARTAS® Robotic System, a breakthrough in Robotic Hair Transplantation. We offer FREE private evaluations, as well as online and virtual consultations. We can review the costs, low monthly payments and financing. Many of our highly trained and educated hair restoration professionals have been through hair restoration themselves. They will help determine the best treatment plan for your type of hair loss and answer all of your questions. Call today at 1-888-PAI-5129 or visit to book a FREE PRIVATE EVALUATION.  Our office is located at 3500 DePauw Blvd, Suite 3090, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Permanent Natural Results are a phone call or click away.

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